What are the core metrics that indicate the health of your online business? We identify key performance indicators (kpi) and design effective communication tools to report the data.


Data is useless without analysis and insight. What do the numbers actually mean? We analyze data to gain insight into what is, and is not, working.

A comprehensive report will be delivered to aid in your decision making.


Analysis does not identify answer; it identifies problems. Once an issue has been identified we suggest testing a number of potential solutions to determine the best one. This could be quantitative testing (A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing) or qualitative testing (user testing or surveys). Testing provides a solid, scientific way, to determine the best solution to website problems.

Improve & Repeat Process

The web analytics process is a continuous process. When one cycle ends, a new one begins. By continuously analyzing the performance of your online business, and testing to identify the best solutions to problems, we can ensure that your online business reaches its goals and continues to grow.